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New in-vivo data for activity of Povidone iodine vs Sars-CoV-2

IN VIVO data supports PVP-I use as pre-procedural rinse.

Those who have read my previous Blog "Moon Landings and Microbes" will understand me quoting Buzz Aldrin "Your mind is like a parachute: If it isn't open, it doesn't work."

Well we have always been open minded in Povidien. Open minded to the possibility something as easy as a nasal spray and mouth gargle may hold the key to reducing transmission of Covid 19. We produced a product initially from a logical step referred to previously as "not rocket science" .If it works on SARs, MERs, Ebola and "Moon germs" it is going to be proven to work on "SARsCoV2" was our assumption. We were right, we now have a second investigator publishing today that "SARs-C0V-2 virus was completely inactivated by PVP-I oral antiseptic rinse in vitro, at the lowest concentration of 0.5% and at the lowest contact time of 15 seconds"

This publication today comes a day after a Spanish IN VIVO proof of concept study demonstrated PVP-I inactivation of the virus lasting 3 hrs (latest time tested) in patient's oral mucosa.

In Summary PVP-I has in vivo efficacy finally to add to the multiple in vitro publications with other publications assessing safety and tolerability. The same publication today also will put a stop to the misinformation being spread about hydrogen peroxide appearing in reputable journals. This has taken up much of my time, contacting Editors to remind them of the importance of primary source verification. Hydrogen Peroxide has minimal effect as a viricidal agent after 30 seconds contact time.

Needless to say, we are over the Moon in Povidien today.

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